Distant Worlds and the Tie of Death

In celebration of going to see Distant Worlds in Boston in March, I have decided to make and cosplay Selphie (formal SeeD uniform).  Since I had been planning to cosplay her for Anime Boston, to begin with, I find it quite fitting, especially since Final Fantasy VIII was my first Final Fantasy. Ever. The thought of being able to listen to Liberi Fatali six rows from the center….as Selphie….blows my mind. Wooooosh.
Anywho. I went out with my great friend, Andrea, and bought lots of fabric (she is also cosplaying Rinoa in her ballroom dress), and upon returning back to my house, I realized that without a pattern, creating a tie is….difficult. Thankfully, I was able to find a pattern somewhere around the internet, and also figured out that straight lines are a REALLY UNFORTUNATE DISABILITY I HAVE.  I cannot draw, cut, or anything in a straight line. Thankfully, though, after some time, I got this!

i hate that the color gets distorted

Huzzah! SeeD uniform tie almost complete! All that is left is the trim and the clasp.


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