So, um. I’m not dead.

I forgot I created this blog, and when I say I forgot, I mean I forgot my password for the longest time. This is unheard of, since I rotate the same passwords over and over. Anyway!

My first post was about my progress with SeeD Uniform!Selphie and Distant Worlds. Breaking it down, Distant Worlds was the most epic and amazing experience of my natural born life. I can die a happy lady.  However, SeeD!Selphie didn’t quite end up working out.  Despite the tie being done, I’ve decided to let it be more of a prototype until I can sew/cut in a straight line.  The skirt only needed to be hemmed and the zipper added, but the jacket was a complete and utter mess.  I bought a pattern by Burda, and will never repeat the mistake again.  Though handy, the instructions were vague, and seemed to focus more on the alternate style of jacket.  Until I find another pattern, SeeD!Selphie is on hold.

In other news, I’ve decided to cosplay Selphie’s in-game costume, instead.  Significant progress is being made, though I’ve just found out my sewing machine is mysteriously missing the pressure foot and screw.  Great.  The dress is mostly done, and now only little things need to fixed up.  After adding the zipper, the top of the dress doesn’t quite line up evenly, which is odd, since it had lined up, before.  The zipper slider design also crumbled apart when I tried the dress on to see how much I needed to take in.  Without a sewing machine, I’ll have to wait to sew with my best bud, or opt to do it by hand.  The bottom of the dress fits perfectly, but the top is big and bulky.  Having discovered my measurements that I’d written down and put somewhere, that should make things so much easier.

Here are some progress shots.


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