T-24 Hours until Con Day. Here is your rant.

I am probably the worst person to be around as con season comes closer. Either my procrastination is awful, or something has a way of not working out as perfectly as I imagined. Being a perfectionist, it really bothers me, and sometimes can send me into some sort of nervous breakdown. It started with my Amano-inspired Aeris (no time to finish, held up with safety pins, wig was a sort-of-disaster, sobbing ensuied), but it worked out great with the circumstances.

In this case, Selphie should have been way less stressful. Except for one thing: Thanks Nomura, for purposefully giving Selphie unpractical hair. I freaked out about it the other night, knowing its not a style I could physically do by myself. However, at this point, I think I should be more worried that it won’t hold all day long. I could honestly care less if it doesn’t come out exact, so long as there’s flip to it. Cool. Now that’s one of the things that have been bothering me fixed.

Second. I still have yet to redo my zipper slider, which still isn’t a HUGE deal. The dress is done. That’s over half the battle. However, there are her nunchaku. Because I work, grinding things out days before the con hasn’t really worked, but I’m hoping to get over to Home Depot to grab some chains and hooks, make one last Michael’s trip for some dowels, and be done. Hopefully I can get it done before/after work. Shouldn’t be too difficult, considering I’ve got plenty of paint and Modge Podge left to buff it up nice and shiny. My only fear is the chain. I haven’t worked with them, before, so if something needs to be shortened….HOW THE EFF?

I promise you all I will be getting no sleep. Ahhhh…the sweet, sleepless feeling of con season. Don’t you love it?


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