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T-24 Hours until Con Day. Here is your rant.

I am probably the worst person to be around as con season comes closer. Either my procrastination is awful, or something has a way of not working out as perfectly as I imagined. Being a perfectionist, it really bothers me, and sometimes can send me into some sort of nervous breakdown. It started with my Amano-inspired Aeris (no time to finish, held up with safety pins, wig was a sort-of-disaster, sobbing ensuied), but it worked out great with the circumstances.

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Distant Worlds and the Tie of Death

In celebration of going to see Distant Worlds in Boston in March, I have decided to make and cosplay Selphie (formal SeeD uniform). ┬áSince I had been planning to cosplay her for Anime Boston, to begin with, I find it quite fitting, especially since Final Fantasy VIII was my first Final Fantasy. Ever. The thought of being able to listen to Liberi Fatali six rows from the center….as Selphie….blows my mind. Wooooosh.
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